Access Queries

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Official Program Description

Queries are the "workhorses" of Microsoft Access. This course exhausts the query topics, giving the Access developer amazing tools to use when developing user-friendly, functional databases.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for the Access user who is ready to move to the next level after level two and wants to learn more extensive information about queries only.


Students must have completed Access Levels 1 and 2 prior to attending this course; otherwise instructor permission is required.

Attend and You Will Learn

Structuring Existing Data

  • Restructuring the data in a table
  • Create a junction table
  • Improve the table structure

Writing Advanced Queries

  • Creating subqueries
  • Creating unmatched and duplicate queries
  • Grouping and summarizing records using criteria
  • Summarizing data using a crosstab query
  • Creating a PivotTable and a PivotChart

Simplifying Tasks with Macros

  • Creating a macro
  • Attaching a macro
  • Restricting records using a condition
  • Validating data using a macro
  • Automating data entry using a macro

Creating Effective Reports

  • Including a chart in a report
  • Printing data in columns
  • Cancelling printing of a blank report
  • Publishing reports as PDF

Maintaining an Access Database

  • Linking tables to external data sources
  • Managing a database
  • Determining object dependency
  • Documenting a database
  • Analyzing the performance of a database


  Access Queries
  2015 - TTS - Jan - Apr 2015   Status:  Available
In-Class:   Wed 9:00AM - 4:30PM
15 Apr 2015
Class Schedule: 1 Sessions
Contact Hours: 6.0
Course Fee(s):
Registration Fee non-credit    $249.00
Gov't & Non-Profit Registration Fee non-credit    $199.00
Potential Discount(s):
  0.60 CEUs
Location:   On Campus
Instructors: Holly Basso