Developing Microsoft ASP.NET Web Applications

Official Program Description

The ASP.NET  is an exciting and dramatic environment for web development applications. The goal of ASP.NET, in addition to developing a website, is to reduce lines of codes that are needed for traditional ASP applications. This ASP.NET course will provide you with the tools to build powerful, secure, and dynamic applications using the least possible amount of code. You will learn how to use validation controls to reduce the amount of JavaScript code and how to connect to ADO, XML, and Web services.

Who Should Attend

This class is designed for those who are interested in the Webmaster Certificate Program for Developers as well as individuals who are interested in learning how to use the least code.


VB.NET or C#

Attend and You Will Learn

Introduction to .NET overview 

  • NET platform
  • NET framework design goals
  • The System.Web.UI namespace
  • .NET language (VB.NET or C#)
  • Web forms syntax

Visual Studio 2005

  • Application and page frameworks
  • ASP.NET server controls and client-side scripts
  • ASP.NET Web server controls

ASP.NET validation

  • Validation server controls
  • Working with master pages
  • Themes and skins
  • Collections and lists


  • ADO.NET model
  • The System.Data namespace 
  • Data binding in ASP.NET 2.0
  • Data management with ADO.NET
  • Calling stored procedures with Microsoft ADO.NET

Working with XML

  • The System.XML namespace
  • Reading and writing XML data
  • Consuming and creating XML Web services

Security and managing state

  • Security
  • State management
  • Caching

File I/O and debugging

  • Debugging and error handling techniques
  • Reading and writing from files

Packaging and deploying ASP.NET applications

  • Optimizing and deploying a Microsoft ASP.NET Web applications
  • ASP.NET online resources

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