5-Certification Linux Bundle

Official Program Description

Free Information Session for the IT Certification 3/5 Cert Program on Oct 8, 2014 at McKimmon Center 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

This package will cover the fundamentals of operating systems, hardware, networking, and security. It will also focus on Cisco technologies for routing and switching in a network environment. The package will prepare you to take the following exams:


  • A+ Essentials & Practical Application
  • Network+
  • Security+
  • Overview of Virtualization
  • Cloud Essentials
  • Linux+

The technique used for delivering this program involves lecture and a hands-on approach.

Who Should Attend

Those who want to add an IT certification to their credentials.


You should have a basic knowledge of operating systems such as Windows or Linux, be comfortable working with Office applications, and have a basic understanding of your computer system.

Attend and You Will Learn

A+ Essentials

  • Troubleshooting methodology
  • Operating systems
  • Hardware components
  • Basic input/output system
  • Memory systems

A+ Practical Application

  • Introduction to networking computers
  • Troubleshooting networks
  • Portable computers
  • Windows management and monitoring
  • Troubleshooting operating systems
  • Introduction to security
  • Windows installation and upgrades
  • Safety and maintenance


  • Network fundamentals
  • The OSI model
  • TCP/IP fundamentals
  • TCP/IP utilities
  • Major network operating systems
  • Network installation and upgrades
  • WAN and remote access technologies
  • Network access and security
  • Fault tolerance and disaster recovery
  • Network troubleshooting 


  • General security concepts
  • Communication security
  • Infrastructure security
  • Basics of cryptography
  • Operational and organizational security

Overview of Virtualization

  • History of virtual computing 
  • Working virtualization terms and vocabulary
  • Types of virtualization
  • Installing hypervisors
  • Creating virtual machines and networks
  • Maintenance issues and lifecycle
  • Applying virtualizaiton to cloud services and VDI/BYoD

Cloud Essentials

  • Definitions of cloud services and their evolution
  • Business needs and business impact of cloud computing
  • Cloud scalability and security
  • Cloud deployment models and technical requirements
  • How automation, standardization, and federation work in a cloud environment
  • Technical challenges including storage, performance, data management, and architectures
  • How to adopt cloud computing including organizational, vendor, and migration concerns
  • How cloud computing plays into an ITIL implementation; service strategies, cloud service design, transition, operations, and process improvement
  • Risk – organizational, technical, and legal
  • Cost evaluation strategic flexibility


  • The history and development of Linux and Free/Libre Open Source Software (F/L OSS)
  • Where to get help with Linux
  • Creation and management of user and group accounts
  • Managing storage; partitions and file systems
  • Managing, searching, locating, and backing up files
  • Managing file and data access
  • Printing to local and remote printers
  • Package management
  • Kernel management, modification, processes, and device drivers
  • Working with the BASH shell and basic scripting
  • Managing jobs, processes, and job scheduling
  • System services and logs
  • SELinux
  • Connecting to and configuring networks
  • Configuring basic Internet services
  • Securing Linux and auditing
  • Troubleshooting system, hardware, and network
  • Linux installation and boot processes
  • GUI elements and configuration

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